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Melodies of February 2019

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Crystal Skies Ft. Gallie Fisher - Never Change [00:00]

I first heard this song during Seven Lion’s tour back in 2018. Then to its release, I could not stop replaying the footage I took. When it finally released, I had the idea to create a monthly melodic playlist on soundcloud. The combination of Gallie’s voice and the feeling of the melodies, it creates an amazing atmosphere. I’m not a huge fan of hard dubstep, but it’s just the right amount. It’s perfect really, because it blends in with the meaning of the song. Overall, this is Crystal Sky’s best release to date.

Direct & Killabyte Ft. Matt Van - One Less Star [04:03]

What happened to deep, meaningful songs these days? They’re such a rarity yet these artists managed to create just that, which I really love. You can really hear both Direct and Killabyte’s styles in each drop. The first drop is a relaxing chillstep, which has more of Direct’s sounds in it. Then they transition into a little more energy, where you can really hear Killabyte’s melodic dubstep influence. It’s certainly a beautiful combination.

Ben Køld - Skyline [08:13]

There’s only a handful of underground artists out there that make some good ol melodic dubstep. I came across Ben around the time this was released, and followed him right away. Tracks like these that are focus on the melodies and feelings are always enjoyable. Even if it’s not super unique, I can tell it’s something Ben put a lot of work and effort into. And that’s what makes a track worth listening to.

Yoe Mase - Homeless (Soar & Lite Remix) [12:11]

The melodic duo is back for another amazing track. It’s hard to believe these two didn’t win the competition. The drop is so powerful and clean, and it perfectly captures the emotions of the vocals. There’s not much else to say other than they really out did themselves with this track.

Xyan Ft. Sophia - Catching Fire [16:18]

This track is a little different, and not in a bad way. Sure it doesn’t sound perfectly mastered, but the overall vibe and direction of the song are done so well. And I’m a huge sucker for uplifting and energetic tracks. Sophia’s vocals really enhance the track as well.

Gryffin Ft. Ivy Adara - Bye Bye (Midnight Kids Remix) [19:35]

This remix took me by surprise. Being that Gryffin is more pop influenced, I wasn’t expecting something so melodic from one of the remixes. It turns a sort of sad song into something so happy and melodic. Overall, they did a great job doing that sad to happy “conversion”.

Grem Ft. Jess - So [22:59]

When it comes to unique tracks, I think this one deserves that title. It starts off a kinda melodic drum/dubstep and then transitions into progressive house, all while keeping those unique sounding synths. On top of all that, the melody is so catchy. Add on some great vocals, and we’ve got a really cool track.

Evan Craft Ft. Marcela Gándara - El Alfarero (Alan Crown Extended Mix) [26:42]

When I first came across this track, I was a little thrown off by the Spanish vocals since I hardly ever listen to anything other than English vocals. But when I heard the drop, and I was quite impressed. Even though I can’t understand what they’re singing, I can tell Alan did a great job interpreting the emotion of the vocals and blending that into his melodies. I really like what he did with adding in acoustic guitars to the vocal parts of the song. And then of course the drop being so smooth.

MK - Rigel [31:37]

You probably won’t hear much progressive trance in these mixes, but there’s something about the genre that really captivates me. The gritty intros to the smooth melodies in the drop. And this track does it just right. The energy is spot on, and the overall is quite the adventure while still being melody driven.

Chime - Can’t Feel It [35:59]

What appealed most to me in this track is the energy. I also really like how Chime kept the track melodic with the craziness of drop. It’s a combination classic dubstep sounds with more “recent” melodic synths. This is one of those tracks I just love hearing at the gym.

Nick Ledesma - Surrender [39:28]

I really like what Nick did with this track. The guitar focused drop works so well with the percussion drums. On top of that, the uplifting vibes and energy really adds to the atmosphere.

Darby Ft. Spencer Maro - Where We Belong [42:58]

The energy in this track is great. With the gritty drop, and breakdown towards the end. It really gives the song nice character.

Spencer Maro Ft. Phantom Sage - The Call [47:29]

This time Spencer is the main artist, with an amazingly melodic and energetic drum & bass song. Which seems to be kinda unusual in drum & bass. But it really shouldn’t be because this track is such a blast.

TELYKast - Talk Again (BVRNOUT Remix) [51:42]

While the lyrics are a bit generic, they can be taken in different ways. When this came out, I had a friend I wasn’t talking with due to a disagreement. Not too long after hearing the song, we started talking again like we always have. So it had a little be different meaning for me, but it helped match a personal feeling with the track. And of course, the happy melodic drop really does it for me.

Ben Walter, Ento, Matt Rysen Ft. Niti - Broken From The Start [54:44]

A crazy collab produced a fairly chill melodic dubstep track. While I haven’t heard much from Ento or Matt, Ben has been in my playlists for a while now. So it comes as no surprise this track made it into my playlist. It’s a prime example of melodic dubstep and all the artists involved did a great job.

Neras - Empty Vessel [59:19]

This drum & bass track is quite the journey. I really like the use of orchestral elements, along with bell like sounds and percussion drums. It gives off a very unique vibe compared to the rest of the tracks in this mix.

Michael FK - Cosmic Waves [01:04:14]

The most chill track of the mix comes from a talented ambient producer Michael. If you don’t know already, I have a massive ambient playlist on youtube that contains a number of his tracks. This one really got my attention with the piano melody. It continues on into a soothing journey, a perfect way to end this mix.