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Melodies of March 2019

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Above & Beyond Ft. Zoe Johnston - Sahara Love (Seven Lions Remix) [00:00]

The first few seconds had me thinking it was gonna be psytrance and I’m glad I was proven wrong. Any who, Seven Lions is back with another amazing melodic dubstep track. I absolutely love the piano driven drop, especially the second part of the drop. Just stunning. If SL keeps up these tracks, MitiS is gonna have some hefty competition keeping #1 favorite artist.

Seraja Hilbrech - Answer [05:20]

Seraja, also known as Cyber, is back with some more melodic music. You can really hear the hardstyle influence in the lead synth before the first drop. This energetic drumstep track is a prime track in my gym playlist. I look forward to more of his releases.

LZRD & Jake Miller - Anything Anymore [07:59]

What an interesting take on mainstream progressive house. I really like how LZRD used the lead synth in the drop. Both melodic and uplifting, with great vocals from Jake really makes a nice combination.

Matt Jadon - Fool Again [11:10]

It’s good to hear something from Matt again. This melodic drum & bass track has such a nice dynamic atmosphere. And of course, it’s a catchy song.

Cloudier - Our Story [14:29]

A unique duo of a vocalist and producer, Cloudier makes some unique pop influenced EDM. And it’s super catchy. The lyrics are quite different from today’s mainstream stuff, which is a breath of fresh air.

Dabin Ft. Essenger - Home [18:46]

Home is probably my favorite off Dabin’s album Wild Youth. Having Essenger on vocals really complements the song so well. The melody fits the overall vibe of the song so well.

Dabin Ft. Dia Frampton - Bloom [22:45]

Bloom is quite the unique track, with beautiful vocals and a super catchy melody. I really love the piano driven drop; so smooth and chill.

Dabin & Inukshuk Ft. Nevve - Another Day [26:34]

Another interesting track from Dabin’s album featuring Inukshuk, which is cool seeing that name again. I can certainly hear his style throughout the song, and it mixes will with Dabin’s style.

Fadent Ft. Skye Light - Secrets [29:14]

I really love discovering new artists that make melodic music. Even though Fadent is not well known, he managed to get great vocals for a great track. I look forward to his future tracks.

Au5 Ft. Danyka Nadeau - Eden [33:51]

Au5 really knows how to produce a song to sound so full and complete. I’m no music expert, but he has a good idea of how to organize the lows, mids and highs. This track, like many of his others, doesn’t fall short in that category. I was a little surprised to get electro house instead of dubstep, but it’s a nice change of pace. I can some Virtual Riot influence :)

Verest - Bokeh (Winter) [38:52]

Verest is back with a beautiful chillstep track. There’s something about Bokeh that’s just so peaceful. It’s similar in style to some of their progressive house. This is the type of track I love hearing while taking a walk on a summer night. Funny it’s called Winter.

Kozoro - Where We Belong [42:59]

Kozoro is back with a dreamy chillout track. I don’t know how he does it, but his songs are always so peacefully happy. It’s another track I love to listen to while taking a walk on a summer night.

Initiation Ft. reichuu - Reawakened [45:45]

Wow. This track really blew me away. It’s so awe inspiring and beautiful. I absolutely love these types of chillout tracks. They make me forget about everything and allow me to relax, peacefully.