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Melodies of April 2019

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Seven Lions & Crystal Skies - Sojourn [00:00]

What a collab. I remember Seven Lions opening with this track when he was on tour before this was released. Such a great opener. At first I didn’t think I’d like the second drop, but I have to say it grew on me. The progression is also noteworthy.

Jason Ross - New Dawn (Extended Club Mix) [03:43]

It’s cool to see Jason still go back to his roots. While I really like his exploration into the melodic bass genre, he progressive trance is always top notch.

Joe Lyons - 001 [07:01]

Joe has such an amazing progressive house style. It’s unique and super peaceful. Even these tracks which have a little more energy are so happy and innocent.

Joe Lyons - 002 [09:16]

The second track to Joe’s mini EP. Both tracks are great progress house tunes. 002 is a little more relaxed, which is probably why I like it a little more.

Jim Yosef & STARLYTE - Insurgence [12:09]

Quite the epic track. Both producers make great progressive house, and the combination of their two styles mix real well, along with the addition of the orchestral influence.

Atef - Launch [15:47]

Happy hardcore isn’t a genre I always listen to. But Atef managed to inject some house vibes into this one, and it works really well.

Awakend & Herrin Ft. Luma - Feels Like a Dream [18:36]

A great melodic dubstep track coming from two lesser known artists, along with a great vocalist. Discovering tracks like these has become quite the hobby of mine, and I’m excited to include them in my mixes.

Køld - Coastline [22:46]

Kold seemingly came from nowhere and started releasing a bunch of beautiful melodic dubstep. I really like the vibe in this one, a super impactful drop that really makes you feel. I can really see Kold going places quite quickly.

Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Evaporating (Where Are You Now) [26:06]

What a tune. You know it’s gonna be good when you see Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor. An amazing combination no doubt. I’m always looking forward to more from these two. Someone get them on Ophelia stat.

IvPem - Spoken [29:18]

IvPem caught my ear a few years ago with his remix of Jónsi - Around Us. Ever since then, I’ve been following him. He always makes some super melodic stuff. This one is no exception. Also stop deleting your tracks dude :(

Xyan Ft. Slyleaf - Alive and Not Alone [32:26]

I’m super impressed by this track. The lyrics and vocals are so powerful, back by an uplifting instrumental. A super beautiful, inspiring combination.

ARMNHMR Ft. Soar - To Say Goodbye [35:07]

I’m not too sure why this track is titled “ARMNHMR & Soar Ft. Ashley Apollodor - To Say Goodbye”. I’m 99% sure that’s her vocals in this track, but it goes uncredited. Nevertheless, despite the trap influence, I quite enjoy this track considering how melodically driven it is. Plus the energy is great, making it a good track for the gym.

Illenium Ft. Kameron Alexander - Pray (Blanke Remix) [39:09]

Well this is an interesting track. Blanke did something a little different, but I really dig it. The production is on point, and the switch up half way through makes for a dynamic track.

Trivecta Ft. Monika Santucci - Tornado [42:52]

Trivecta is back with some impactful melodic dubstep. I really like the guitar influenced main lead. Overall really cool track.

Hajimari - Moments With You (Amaryllis Remix) [45:45]

What an action packed drum & bass tune. So much energy, along with a catchy melodic lead. It makes for quite the adventure, and it’s so enjoyable.

William Black Ft. RUNN - Back Together [49:15]

William has been making some great melodic tracks. I really like the lyrics on this track, and the guitar driven lead is really nice touch to the song.

Manse x Stasius - Euphoria [52:16]

Manse/Stasius brings us quite the beautiful chillout track. Uplifting, relaxing, and peaceful. I can never get enough of these kinds of tracks. They’re prefect for a summer night walk and never fail to motivate me.