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Melodies of May 2019

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Cloudier - FEAR;life [00:00]

This song is like a rollercoaster. From the energetic drops to the chill vocal parts, along with some deep lyrics… wow. This isn’t the type of track you come by often, and I wish that wasn’t the case. There’s so much meaning and raw emotion. Add in some rock influence and it makes for such an awesome tune.

ARMNHMR & Soar Ft. Ashley Apollodor - No More Tears Left [06:08]

What a dreamy song. ARMNHMR & Soar is back with another collab and their styles blend so well together. And as always, I love Apollodor’s vocals.

Mazare & Luma - Nothing More [09:34]

Mazare knows how to make some fluid drum & bass. Keeping it melodically focused, while maintaining good energy. I feel like that’s not done often when it comes to drum & bass.

Yonetro & Ericovich - Trust [13:17]

It’s cool seeing Yonetro branching out to some other genres. While I like his progressive house, this melodic drumstep track works so well.

Freakbreak Ft. Julia Marks - Heaven (N3wport Remix) [16:54]

MitiS touch? Did I hear that correctly? …anyways, I really like how melodically driven this track is. Despite being future bass, it uses a lot of melodic dubstep sounds which is always nice. And that guitar towards the end is really nice addition

Jason Ross Ft. Melanie Fontana - Shelter [20:33]

A nice melo tune. I like how Jason keeps his stuff different and unique. On top of that it’s really smooth and has a nice vibe.

Tundraboy Ft. d.prb - Miracles (Matt Baer Remix) [23:38]

An interesting track. Kinda pop influenced, but it has a nice melody. I may not have any flashy words to say for this one, but it’s enjoyable nontheless.

Diamond Eyes - Stars [26:44]

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a track from Diamond Eyes. It’s good to hear they’re still producing melodic dubstep. Though it has a heavier bassline than most tracks I include in these mixes, it’s equally melodically driven. Especially the last part, which is really nice.

Manse - Last Forever (Extended Mix) [30:24]

While this track is a little more generic than most I include here, Manse does a great job with progressive house. The energy is always on point, and the melody is always at the forefront of the song.

Luke Anders Ft. Liel Kolet - Letting Go (Extended Mix) [33:44]

A nice progressive trance track. With amazing vocals, along with a good vibe drop. And the gritty intro/outro is always an interesting aspect of the genre, no doubt.

Oliver Heldens & Lenno - This Groove (Codeko Extended Remix) [38:06]

I had to go for something a little different here. I’m honestly not too fond of ‘groovy’ stuff, but this track is pretty cool. Codeko did a good job of mixing house and groove in a way I can enjoy. EVERYTIME!

Ayon Ft. Beraud - Shadows [41:45]

This is a genre I like to call lovestep. It’s so mellow and feel good, along with a catchy piano driven drop. A nice tune to wind down and relax to.

Erio Ft. ROXANA - Kiss You (Mitte Remix) [45:03]

Another mellow track that’s great for winding down. This one is a little slower, but still melodically driven.

Initiation - Watching Time Pass [47:54]

If you couldn’t tell, I like winding down towards the end of the mix. This one is the “chillest” of them all, and a beautiful one at that. This one is the type of track that makes me forget everything and just relax. I really can’t get enough of these chillout songs.