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Melodies of June 2019

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Hiroyuki Sawano - Call Of Silence (Verest Remix) [00:00]

What a remix. While I’m not currently caught up on AoT, I did watch the first season and fairly enjoyed it. But this remix is more than the fact it’s an OST for an anime. Verest did an amazing job capturing the emotion and energy. I also really love the orchestral influence obtained through the original version of the song.

Slander & Said The Sky ft. JT Roach - Potions (GhostDragon x Dekay Remix) [04:38]

An interesting take on this song from GhostDragon and Dekay. Two artists I’ve never heard before. While it may not be my favorite remix, I really enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.

Jeto Ft. Will Stetson - Reaching Out [08:53]

I really like Jeto’s classy melodic dubstep style. It’s unique and kinda reminds me of Maplestory for some reason.

M-Neko - Luminism Pt. 1 (Pendarr Remix) [11:51]

Something I really like seeing in happy hardcore is chill sections throughout the tracks. Yeah it’s a faster genre, but it’s always nice to take a break and give it a more unique structure. And that’s exactly what Pendarr did.

Daniel Garrick, SƠN & Neyra Ft. Max Landry - Only One (Extended Mix) [17:41]

I’m always a sucker for a good progressive house track. This one has an amazing combination of summer and happy vibes. And of course the energy and melody are on point.

Ryzu - Iridescent [21:42]

I’ve been following Ryzu since Hypothermia, and it’s nice to hear another track from him. I’ve always liked how his tracks are so melody driven. Overall great melodic track.

Raiko - Lightning Child [24:12]

This track is a little odd imo, but I really like the melody. The tempo change is nice as it gives the song a little more… “umpf”.

LZRD - In Between [27:05]

LZRD is back with his unique synths and pop vocals. I don’t know how he gets such a unique sound but I really like it. That bassline also really helps being so on point. It’s my… breaking point. Hah.

Last Heroes Ft. Satellite Empire - Take Your Time [29:57]

What a tune coming from Last Heroes. Pretty much everything they’ve been releasing has been added to my melodic playlists. This one really hits the “feels”. Am I hip for saying it like that? Ahm. I really like the lyrics and overall message of the song. Probably my favorite from them so far.

William Black Ft. Micah Martin - Ruins [34:14]

Really love this one. The vocals (Micah has such a fitting voice) and William’s instrumental are perfect together. Such a vibe. And the ending, wow. Keep up the amazing work guys.

Soar - Leannán [37:37]

Such great energy in this one. Soar has been producing a lot of great melodic dubstep tracks and definitely needs more recognition.

Satellite Empire - Glow (Arylith Remix) [41:26]

A nice melodic dubstep remix coming from Arylith, a much lesser known artist. The crazy melodic drops provide some great energy when at the gym.

MitiS - Life Of Sin (Part 6) [45:34]

MitiS is back with another Life of Sin. Man it’s been too long. To no surprise, this is another amazing addition to the series, and fits perfectly. I certainly hope there’ll be more in the future. And I love the freestyle melody at the end, so so good <3

Etherwood - Away From It All [49:53]

I’ll be honest here - I don’t listen to a whole lot of liquid Drum & Bass. But Etherwood just makes it so dreamy and peaceful. I feel so relaxed when listening to this tune. And that piano, wow.

Paperdreams - Things We Couldn’t Possibly Understand [54:39]

Ok I don’t listen to lofi that much either, but I really like the cozy vibe in this one. It reminds me of relaxing on a nice sunny day, drinking iced tea. And it’s kinda classy.