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Melodies of July 2019

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Armin van Buuren & Avian Grays Ft. Jordan Shaw - Something Real [00:00]

While I enjoy having underrated artists in these mixes, sometimes a mainstream producer makes something special. The melody is so catchy and happy, along with its release being during summer. Combine that with some great lyrics and you’ve got something real… er special.

Above & Beyond Ft. Zoë Johnston - Sahara Love (Jason Ross Remix) [04:39]

I’ll be honest. I may like Seven Lion’s remix more, but Jason came through with a nice progressive trance remix. The drop is so dreamy and fits the vocals well.

Tritonal Ft. LEVV - Medicine (Alpha Code Remix) [07:45]

I come across a good amount of artists that have a great concept, but they lacking the technical skills needed to produce in a DAW. Then there’s artists like Alpha Code who comes out of nowhere and produce something quite solid.

Misael Gauna Ft. Noctilucent - Some Day (Navion Remix) [12:04]

It’s not often I come across some good hardstyle these days. The genre limited itself so much it became so bland. However there’s still a few artists that makes some beautiful tracks. Navion did a great job keeping the chill atmosphere of the track, and mixed things up for the second drop. That’s something that I feel a lot of artists are rather too lazy to do, or lack the creativity. Not that every song needs two different drops, but it keeps the song fresh.

Wency Freak & Crooked Tunez Ft. ANUKA - Shadow (Maytrix’s Simplified Remix) [15:35]

Matrix comes in with a powerful melodic dubstep remix. While I may not have any trix up my sleeve for this song, I always enjoy some good melo dub.

Said The Sky & SLANDER Ft. JT Roach - Potions (Red Comet & Caslow Remix) [18:14]

Another interesting remix of Potions. I really like the guitar lead synth, along with the uplifting energetic vibes.

Jai Wolf Ft. Chelsea Jade - Lost (Skyvo Remix) [21:33]

An interesting remix from Skyvo. Also a little slower, but I think it does a great job complementing the vocals. And the piano notes hit just right.

Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Burning Bridges [24:58]

Once again, Beatcore and Ashley are back for another melodic dubstep tune. I don’t know how they manage to consistently keep dropping all these amazing tunes, but I love it.

Wildvibes, SON & CHRSTN Ft. Nino Lucarelli - Your Stars (VIP Mix) [28:44]

While I like both the original and this VIP mix, I think I like this one a little better. I can certainly hear some Manse vibes. The bassline is on point and the layering is solid. Of course with these names, I’d expect nothing less.

Resonance - Visions [31:48]

Resonance is finally back with some relaxing progressive house. How I’ve missed it. I really enjoy all of his older progressive house tunes, and I’m glad he revisited the genre. While I also enjoy his newer ambient stuff, his prog house was always a breath of fresh air. It’s so peaceful, and the guitar adds on a mystical vibe. I hope he continues to keep up the awesome work.

Sound Surfer & Verso Ft. Nilka - Turns to Dust (Arylith Remix) [36:20]

The original is a classic, but this remix really took me be surprise. I wasn’t expecting the post rock style. It works so well, and it’s so powerful.

Fokushi Ft. Bien - Call Spot (Jeto Remix) [40:16]

Such a beautiful remix. While Jeto normally makes more energetic stuff, I think he did an amazing job at this chillstep remix.