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Melodies of August 2019

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Seven Lions & MitiS Ft. RBBTS - Break The Silence [00:00]

When I found out two of my favorite producers were collabing, I was pretty excited. While this wasn’t what I was expecting (the two melodic dubstep kings didn’t make melodic dubstep together), I still really enjoy this track. It has great energy and a great vibe.

Sound Surfer & Verso Ft. Nilka - Turns To Dust (Soar Remix) [04:47]

Another Turns to Dust remix. When it comes to Soar, you know it’s gonna be melodic goodness. It easily compares with the original, though I can’t say which one is better as they both have their own merits.

Zexnum - Last Thing I Say [08:56]

Zexnum has such a great happy style of progressive house. It’s just something I can’t get enough of even if it is mainstream. Happy music for days.

Ellie Goulding - Burn (Nanqo Remix) [11:45]

I’ll admit this song may not be perfect, but I love Nanqo’s style. Once again we got a good vibe/happy song <3

William Black Ft. RØRY - Drown the Sky [14:32]

William’s Pages album has some great songs. This one in specific has a nice melodic drop with great vocals from rory.

Lite Ft. AJ Seekz - Right Things [18:00]

Something a little different from Lite, who normally makes melodic dubstep. It’s cool to hear synths normally used for melodic dubstep in progressive house.

MayTrix - Gambit [20:17]

MayTrix has been keeping up with the energetic melodic dubstep. While nothing really pops out about this song, it’s still quite enjoyable.

Soar Ft. Dnakm - Your Love [23:33]

Soar’s so good he made it twice this mix. Another lovely melodic dubstep track. I don’t know how he always manages to make such a dreamy melodic atmosphere.

Illenium Ft. Georgia Ku - Hold On [26:47]

While Illenium often ventures off too far into future bass for my tastes, this track has a more melodic dubstep feel to it, which I quite like.

William Black Ft. Micah Martin - Never Be the Same [30:42]

One of my favorites from the album. I really love Micah’s punk rock styled vocals. Pair that with William’s unique take on melodic dubstep and it creates an interesting style.

Dabin Ft. Claire Ridgely - Part-Time Lover (Crystal Skies Remix) [34:07]

Here we enter the Dabin remix album section. There’s so many great melodic tracks in this album. Crystal Skies gets the first spot with a lovely melodic dubstep track.

Dabin Ft. Runn - Alive (MitiS Remix) [37:37]

Naturally, my favorite track off the album. MitiS did such an amazing job capturing the emotion of the vocals/lyrics. And I’d expect no less from him.

Dabin Ft. Runn - Alive (Trivecta Remix) [40:31]

Since I have two remixes of the same song, I decided to mix them together. And while MitiS’ is my favorite, I still think Trivecta did an amazing job as well. Imagine if these two remixed the song together.

Dabin Ft. Lexi Norton - In Flames (Inukshuk Remix) [43:37]

I have to say, I loved the original mix of this song and I didn’t think I’d be able to like a remix as much as the original. But somehow Inukshuk managed it. I’ve been following him ever since his track I Am and it’s cool to see him go from hardly known to getting on Dabin’s remix album.

Dabin Ft. Essenger - Home (Mazare Remix) [47:57]

It’s interesting to hear something slower from someone who normally makes drum & bass. I think he did a great job capturing the emotion of the vocals.

Dabin Ft. Trove - Lights (Fransis Derelle Remix) [50:59]

Fransis has an interesting take on this track. I like how he keeps it melodic and doesn’t go too far into the future bass genre

Dabin Ft. Trove - Lights (Covex & Last Heroes Remix) [52:33]

Once again I got two remixes of the same song, so I mixed them together. I think both remixes do a great job. This one is a little more synthy, but it’s hard to pick which one I like better.

Abandoned & InfiNoise Ft. Veronica Bravo - Used to Love [54:56]

Something a bit different, considering it’s more post rock. Nevertheless, enjoy the relaxing vibes with this story-like vocal tune.

Aethoro - River Lullaby [59:53]

I kinda added this one last minute. I was a little indecisive since it’s very different from the rest (with orchestral chillout vibes). But it’s a track I quite enjoy not just because it’s unique, but it’s so calming and adventurous.