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Melodies of September 2019

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Avril Lavigne - Head Above Water (IvPem Remix) [00:00]

I can’t get enough of IvPem’s style. It’s so loveable and soothing. A good example of the rare subgenre lovestep.

Excision, Wooli, Trivecta Ft. Julianne Hope - Oxygen [04:11]

I was plesently surprised by this unexpected melodic collab. I really didn’t expect something so chill and soothing from these artists that normally make heavy stuff. It goes to show that just because an artist always makes heavy stuff doesn’t mean they have to :)

Above & Beyond Ft. Zoë Johnston - There’s Only You (Crystal Skies Remix) [07:37]

A beautiful remix by Crystal Skies yet again. They always manage to keep such a full, complete sound. It goes to show how well they understand sound design.

D I V I N I T Y & OHEY Ft. Emily Jean - Not Alone [12:02]

Such a great vibe to this tune. I really enjoy the happy, good vibes. I think that’s all that needs to be said.

Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Come Too Far [15:19]

They amazing duo is back once again. This time Beatcore included his own vocals (I think, don’t quote me on that - no other vocalist is credited so it’s my assumption). Of course these two never disappoint.

It’s not often I really like a trance song. Not to hate or anything, but it often just doesn’t do it for me. But this one is just so melodic and energetic. David did a great job portraying the emotion of the vocals.

Paul Arcane & Sendr - Heart [23:35]

An interesting progressive trance track. I really like the progression and the vocals are a nice plus.

Shwin Ft. Koo - New You [27:14]

A special little something from an underrated artist Shwin. I really like his style, it’s peaceful and has unique vocals. Then the song progresses further to a more happy energetic melody. The vibe and message of the song is ultimately really beautiful.

Shane 54 Ft. Clara Sofie - Delirium [32:33]

Shane 54 is finally back with a progressive trance tack. A rather unique vibe on this one, but I think it fits pretty well within this mix.

Tritonal Ft. Rosie Darling - Never Be The Same [37:13]

It seems like this mix is the return of old styles. Tritoal is also back to their progressive house style, featuring great uplifting vocals.

Last Heroes Ft. Lauren Martinez - Awake [41:30]

Last Heroes is back with some great melodic dubstep. I may not be super ecstatic about this one, but I really like their style.

Last Heroes Ft. Luma - Found Us [44:59]

Another cool track. I feel like this one has some more energy to it. Both of them are great tracks to listen to at the gym.

SAIBU, Yonetro & Seum Dero - Gravity [48:25]

While I may only be familiar with Yonetro, I think all three artists did a great job with this one. A classic style mainstream progressive house tune. Perfect for summer listening.

Matt Jadon Ft. Bailey Jehl - New Horizon [51:45]

Matt is featured once again in my mix. Another great melodic track. While I liked his drum & bass better, he still did a stellar job with progressive house.

Audien & Nevve - Buzzing [54:49]

Audien has also returned, but with his classic progressive house style. It’s such an uplifting style, and I’m happy he decided to return to it.

Tofu Ft. Linney - Forget [58:33]

Tofu has quite the interesting style. This track specifically reminds me of paramore a little. It definitely has that pop-rock style, and he did a good job with it.

Mynerva & Nytrix - Find You [01:01:46]

I’ve never heard of Mynerva prior to this track, and after listening to it, I was left wondering how that could be. This track is produced so well and nicely done. Plus Nytrix’s vocals are and always have been great for melodic dubstep.

Billie Eilish - I Love You (Caslow Remix) [01:04:50]

Caslow has come under my radar not long ago, but I’m quite impressed with his style. The emotion in this track is pretty intense. Then a beautiful and peaceful drop. It’s quite stunning.