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Melodies of October 2019

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MitiS - Mirrors [00:00]

Starting off the mix with only the best and my favorite off MitiS’ Shattered EP. It reminds me of his older style but with a lot more energy. And props for him releasing a vocal-less track. Seems like vocals are the standard these days, but this song showcases how some tracks don’t need them to succeed.

MitiS Ft. Niko Athanasatos - Home [03:12]

Another amazing tune off of MitiS’ Shattered EP. The drop is overly melodic and I love it. Such good vibes as usual.

MitiS Ft. Runn - Shattered [06:50]

The last track, thus ending the mini MitiS mix. I really don’t know what else to say other than all of his tracks are always so melodic and loveable. Fun fact: this track was called “All For Us” before vocals were added to it. How do I know that? MitiS posted in his facebook group with a preview :)

Trivecta Ft. Selah Ford - Best For You [10:53]

Trivecta is back with his crazy melodic drops. This one has a nice neutral energetic vibe. Definitely a great gym tune.

Bvrnout Ft. AXYL - Silhouette [14:17]

Something a little different. Something about the change up in the second drop really gets me. Such a positive, happy vibe.

Jason Ross Ft. Fiora - When The Night Falls [17:39]

A rather unique melodic dubstep track from Jason. No matter what style he goes with, he always does a great job with the melodies.

Tyler Shaw - House Of Cards (DVRKCLOUD Bootleg) [20:54]

It’s crazy how well of a job DVRKCLOUD did putting the emotion of the vocals into the drops. And then the last drop is the cherry on the cake. Such a beautiful job done <3

Au5 - For You [24:50]

What a beautiful track coming from Au5, who normally makes harder stuff. The tempo change midway through had me thinking I was about to hear a progressive house drop. Despite that not happening, I still really like the change of pace.

MayTrix - Phantom [29:06]

MayTrix is featured yet again, this time with a more post rock vibe. You can always count on him for a mellow melodic dubstep tune.

GhostDragon, Caslow, & Red Comet Ft. Alina Renae - Love Ain’t Changin [32:34]

I’m not big on future bass, but this track has such a beautiful vibe to it. The guitar lead has such a nice sound to it.

Illenium Ft. Jon Bellion - Good Things Fall Apart (William Black Remix) [35:46]

While this track sounds a lot like Illenium’s Sharks remix, it’s quite lovely. I really like how he used bass guitars for the main bassline.

Mindtrix - I Don’t Wanna Know [39:18]

Now this is an interesting one. It’s like a pop rock mixed with EDM. Also, it makes me realize how many songs have guitars in this mix…

Hatim Ft. Harper - Chasing Butterflies [41:56]

Something a little more comfy, but still very melodic. This is one of those tracks you want to just sit back and enjoy the ride.

Gryffin & Seven Lions Ft. Noah Kahan - Need Your Love [45:57]

Something a little different coming from Seven Lions. But that’s the cool thing about collabs. I quite enjoy the more laid back, melody driven drop.

Beatcore & Soar & Ashley Apollodor - Starting Again [49:11]

The duo is back, but this time with Soar as well. Yet another melodic producer added into the mix, created a nice outcome. Though I have to say the snare used in the drop is a little odd.

ARMNHMR Ft. Karra - Silver Lining [53:23]

ARMNHMR has been venturing out into a more unique sound. They mostly did future bass, but now some of their tracks are more melodic dubstep focused, which is nice. And they do it in a unique way.

Madnap Ft. Luma - Faces [56:48]

This one initially didn’t quite wow me, but after listening to it a few times it really grew on me. The bassline progresses so well, and then the second drop is so cool.

Verest - Hanabi [01:00:23]

Ending with something relaxing, Verest is back with a lovely progressive house track. Very few artists have this peaceful progressive house style, and it’s something I really cherish.