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Melodies of November 2019

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MitiS Ft. glasscat - Mercy [00:00]

MitiS is back again with a single. The chord progression, energy, vibe and melody are all on point. This man never disappoints.

InfiNoise Ft. Nilka - Sunlight [03:36]

The energy is this track is massive. The Seven Lions influence is pretty clear in this one as well. Overall very solid track coming from a lesser known artist.

Infowler Ft. Ratfoot - End Like This [06:36]

An interesting drumstep track coming from an artist I’ve never heard of prior to hearing this track. The virtual riot influence is quite prevalent, and it’s quite nice since virtual riot mostly makes harder stuff.

Fusionnfire Ft. Miss Lina - Identity [11:15]

A fun electro house track from Fusionnfire. I feel as though electro house has been kinda left behind, especially in the melodic sense. So it’s really cool to hear this (in)fusion of progressive house and electro house.

Above & Beyond, Seven Lions Ft. Opposite the Other - See The End (Last Heroes Remix) [14:45]

A huge track coming from Last Heroes. It’s one of those tracks that just feel so whole and complete. These two did an amazing job on this melodic dubstep remix.

Crystal Skies - One More Night [18:00]

Crystal Skies is back with a beautifully produced energetic track. The shift to progressive house/electro is a fun switch up.

Audien & Nomra - Escape [22:00]

I’m really digging Audien’s progressive house/trance style he finally brought back. It’s so melodic and happy. The only improvement that could be done here is making the track longer.

Audien & Axis - Dreams [23:53]

Right into the next track, making it seem like it should have been one full song. Nevertheless, I really enjoy both of these tracks. I hope to see more like these from Audien.

Wooli Ft. Lena Leon - Over You [26:38]

Wooli, the hard drop boi, has gone melodic folks. And I’m quite glad, because we can never have enough melodic producers.

ARMNHMR Ft. Micah Martin - The Universe Is Yours [30:11]

Probably my favorite track from ARMNHMR. The lyrics are beautiful and are sung by an amazing vocalist. I absolutely love the ambient part after the drop, such a nice touch to the emotion of the song. It almost reminds me of Arkasia for some reason.

Jason Ross & Dabin Ft. Dylan Matthew - One That Got Away [33:22]

An unexpected collab, both artists combined brings a super catchy track. And of course, Dylan’s great vocals. All that packaged into an amazing melodic dubstep tune. Such a great turnout.

DVRKCLOUD - Glacier [36:52]

Another melodic dubstep tune from DVRKCLOUD. Him and Soar have both been doing a phenomenal job getting these great tunes out lately. I really love the energy in this one, paired with the post rock ending.

Nurko Ft. Brayden Kehler - If It Isn’t You [41:28]

Nurko has recently made quite the appearance. His impactful, mesmerizing leads leaves quite the impression. It’s quite nice, and I hope he’s able to keep producing without using the same lead all the time.

Crystal Skies Ft. Runn - Feels Right [44:39]

Another tune off of Crystal Skies’ EP, and another amazing melodic dubstep tune. The sound design in this one is a little more in depth, making it so fun to listen to.

Anki - Little Secrets [48:05]

The amount of melodic energy Anki puts in his songs is completely insane. I don’t know how he manages it, but I love it. The tracks are so crazy and explosive, just wow. There’s something euphoric about this track as well, especially during the non-drop parts (pre-build ups).

Ste - Want To Know You [51:35]

Starting to wind down now, an artist I have never heard of before beings quite the beautiful relaxing tune. The dabin influence is quite strong as well.

Kozoro - Girl Of The Sky [54:50]

One of my favorite chill/relaxing producers. Kozoro manages to craft his music with such an euphorically relaxing vibe. And even after all of this time, he still manages to keep up that style with newer tracks.