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Melodies of December 2019

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Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Everyday [00:00]

The melodic dubstep duo is back yet again, with their best track yet. The melody in this one is extra euphoric, along with inspirational lyrics.

Blanke Ft. Calivania - Flatline [03:21]

Something about this track feels like an old melodic dubstep song. I’m not quite sure why though. Nevertheless, the melodies are on point with lovely vocals.

Fells Ft. Emily McNally - Until the Day [06:52]

A blissful, energetic track. The guitar is a really nice touch too. Add on the summer vibes and you’ve got an amazing tune.

Adam Pearce Ft. Luma - All Of My Love [09:51]

A beautiful track with beautiful melodies and vocals. What more could you want?

4URA - Where I Am [12:45]

This track took me by surprise. Discovering new artists is always nice, especially when the track is so good (duh). But wow, the drop is something a little different and it really works.

AWAKEND & Herrin Ft. Luma - Feels Like A Dream (DVRKCLOUD Remix) [15:58]

While this track was just in the last mix, this remix really does it justice. DVRKCLOUD really knows how to put the emotions of the vocals in his drops.

Jason Ross & Seven Lions Ft. Emilie Brandt - Known You Before [20:11]

JR & SL is back at it again with a gritty progressive trance tune. I really like the different sounds they used to create quite the unique track.

9Lives & Impulse Ft. Philip Matta - Again [23:41]

Mainstream progressive house tracks don’t wow me as much as they once have. But this one is a little different, while keeping the same vibe the genre is known for.

Kbubs Ft. Kyle Reynolds - Stranger (Nomra & Jake Wolfe Remix) [27:19]

An interesting progressive house track heavily inspired by Audien. Honestly if someone told me it was a track by Audien, I’d believe them. Still a great track regardless!

Tritonal Ft. Rosie Darling - Never Be The Same (Crystal Skies Remix) [30:03]

Another crazy good remix from Crystal Skies. They did a great job transforming the song from progressive house to melodic dubstep.

Tsukasa Ft. Aki Misawa - The Clear Blue Sky (Pendarr Remix) [33:35]

Something I rarely include, euphoric happy hardcore. Though this track is a little different than most, which is why I find it so endearing. It’s pretty chill for the genre, which is a nice break from the crazy fast stuff.

Yukiyanagi - Intro [37:11]

I was kinda surprised when I noticed two happy hardcore tracks in this playlist/mix. This one I really like the melody and energy. It’s not overdone like a lot of the stuff out there, just simple happy hardcore with normal sounds.

ARMNHMR Ft. Sunnie Williams - Let Light Out [38:34]

The beauty in this song is crazy good. It’s a little different, but has a good message and is super insperational.

Bendel Ft. North Sky - Solace [43:29]

I discovered Bendel not too long ago, and he has an interesting style. The explosion of melody near the beginning of the track has a big wow factor. Overall, the track has it’s own relaxing style and it’s what I really like about it. The orchestral ending is a really nice touch.

EMBRZ Ft. Amy Rose - Sound 4 U [46:31]

The vibe in this track is astounding. It’s so simply beautiful and peaceful. These kind of tracks are so hard to find so when I come across one I just can’t get enough.