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Melodies of February 2020

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tofû Ft. Faithroze - The End [00:00]

This was an unexpected treat. It has the old school dubstep style, but doesn’t go hard. Then the last drop is a massive explosion of melodies, just wow. A favorite no doubt.

ARMNHMR Ft. Melanie Fontana - Forever Young [03:17]

ARMNHMR has been on that melodic game with their album, and it’s done in a fairly unique way. This is yet another prime release.

Fair Dawn Ft. acloudyskye - Firedrake [06:10]

Okay, this one is quite unique. It’s so different, and it has a unique vibe. Which I really like it. It combines many different elements into one song. I also feel like it also has some zelda vibes. The mid part is such a nice mix up too. You just can’t predict what’s next. And the last part is so energetic and melodic. An awesome pandemonium.

Bendel, Lizdek & Skygate - Run Away [09:27]

Another fairly unique track. A bit quicker BPM, but both melodic and energetic as well. The mid part of the track also has a fairly different sounding piano part. Adding on, this one ends in on more melodic note.

Bring Me The Horizon - Drown (Hydral Bootleg) [13:36]

I really like the original, and Hydral managed to do a pretty good job on this bootleg. The transitions are smooth and the melody in the drop reflects the vocals well.

Last Heroes Ft. Luma - Dreaming [16:44]

Last Heroes is back with another solid melodic dubstep track. A nice melody along with sublime vocals. A cool breakdown midway through, but doesn’t get too crazy, which I quite enjoy for someone who doesn’t care much for hard drops.

William Black Ft. Monika Santucci - Deep Blue (Nurko Remix) [20:48]

Nurko is back with another melodic remix. He does a great job keeping it both melodic and energetic, while keeping chill non-drop parts. And how could I not notice that First Time influence.

William Black & Fairlane Ft. Dia Frampton - Butterflies [24:13]

Another great melodic dubstep tune. William Black has been doing a great job lately and I’m looking forward to what he’s got in store.

3LAU Ft. Oly - Close (NESZLO & Matt Rysen Remix) [27:19]

I love including lesser known artists. This remix is well done and has a great melody, which matches the vocals nicely.

Soda Sphere & iMeiden Ft. Kendall Birdsong - You And Me [30:45]

A lot of mainstream progressive house feels lacking these days. Maybe it’s just me, but there’s very few that really hits the spot for me. This one has that strong bassline with a good thought out melody.

Bobby Rock Ft. Cimo Fränkel - New Life (Zexnum Remix) [33:45]

Another great example of a well done mainstream progressive house. The melody is the most important part, and with a well directional melody results in a fluid flow.

Feed Me Ft. Yosie - Little Space (Joe Lyons Remix) [37:52]

Joe is back with some beautiful progressive house. I honestly cannot get enough of his style. It’s simplistic but stylistic, if that makes sense.

Seven Lions Ft. Tyler Graves - Only Now [40:53]

An abesolute tune. Seven Lions never disappoints. The trance ending is a nice unique touch.

ARMNHMR - Bulletproof [44:17]

My favorite track off the album. I really like how melodic dubstep focused it is. The lyrics are powerful, and the drop perfectly reflects that.

Far Out Ft. Micah Martin - Our Own [47:56]

An interesting track. Micah’s vocals complement the instrumental nicely. It gives quite a unique vibe.

Rival & Cadmium Ft. Natalie Holmes - Doubt You [51:49]

While this track may not be perfectly mastered, the idea and melodies behind it are very solid.

Matt Jadon - Together [55:27]

Matt returns back again for another crazy melodic tune. The percussion drums in the beginning really get me. And of course, the energy from the drops make this song great for working out.

David Nevory - Lay It All Down (Shockline Remix) [58:00]

Shockline did a great job creating a soothing atmosphere with this melodic chillstep remix. For a genre that doesn’t have vocals much, they fit well with the instrumental.

Xeuphoria - Recurved

While Xeuphoria normally makes piano music, he does a great job with progressive house too. I really like his piano mixed in with some relaxing progressive house.