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Melodies of March 2020

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Seven Lions & HALIENE - What’s Done Is Done [00:00]

Seven Lions is out with another EP and that means more melodic goodness. This one takes the cake for me. Such a great melody and beautiful vocals from HALIENE.

Seven Lions Ft. April Bender - Another Way [04:36]

Another tune off the new EP. Definitely the pure melodic dubstep track with SL’s classic snare. Overall a top notch tack as expected.

Aaron Shirk & Aaron Trinh - Fading Away [08:27]

A mellow melodic dubstep track that reminds me of the old Vanic style. It’s got a real nice melody that caters well to the vocals.

Mendum Ft. Brenton Mattheus - You [12:47]

Mendum is back with another melodic tune. This one really hits you with feelings for sure, or feels, as the hip kids say. Anyway, Medum did a fantastic job with the melody and vibe of the track.

MitiS Ft. Niko Athanasatos - Home (Nurko Remix) [16:17]

While MitiS originals will always be my favorite, Nurko did a great job remixing this tune. He went a different route with the melody, but it still sounds close enough to the original. It’s always nice when a remix can be different yet still close enough, if that makes sense. And the ending is a nice cherry on top.

MitiS Ft. Runn - Shattered (Culture Code Remix) [19:55]

I’ve been a fan of Culture Code almost as long as MitiS. Hearing their classing melodic dubstep again was a little nostalgic. Much like Nurko’s remix, it’s different yet close enough and it hits that sweet spot when it comes to remixes.

Far Out Ft. Karra - Constellation [24:05]

Far Out returns again with another melodic vocal tune. I really like the energy fused with emotions in Far Out’s tracks.

Cloudier - Set Free [26:39]

It’s nice hearing another tune from Cloudier again. Pop influenced electro house isn’t something you hear often. Even though the bassline is super gritty, it’s still melody driven, and it gives a great combination of the two opposite styles.

Superfresh Ft. MRKO - Wake Up [30:17]

This is another interesting electro house track. It’s fairly rare these days to hear melodic electro house, so it’s always a treat when I come across one (or two in this instance). And the slower breakdowns/non drop parts give great contrast to the faster drops.

San Holo Ft. Broods - Honest (Midnight Kids Remix) [34:31]

Midnight Kids has such a pure uplifting style and it’s just so likeable. The drop is chill and dreamy and you would think it wouldn’t go well with the vocals, yet it does.

Last Heroes Ft. Monika Santucci - Underneath The Waves [37:56]

Last Heroes has managed to appear time and time again in these mixes with their powerful melodic dubstep tunes. And they always manage to keep it fresh while keeping true to their style. The vocals and drop melt so well together.

Derpcat - You [41:29]

This was a random discovery, and a great one at that. This guy has a nice style, but hardly has any followers. I’m not one to constantly tell people to go follow others, but this guy is talented. I really like the piano parts. Such great ambience overall.

Derpcat - Agony [44:59]

I had to include another one of Derpcat’s songs. It transitioned fairly well and is fairly different from the last. This one is a little more melodically focused and feels like it has more of a story to it.

Porter Robinson - Something Comforting [48:58]

Don’t hate me, but I was never much of a fan of Porter. It’s not that I hated the songs, I just didn’t really care much for them. Though I did really like Language since it’s a prime example of progressive house. Anyway, this one has a unique vibe to it. It reminds me of a few different things, Maplestory being one of them for some reason. I think the style of drums is similar to a soundtrack in the game. And maybe a little bit of Zelda vibes too? And I love the little piano bit in the middle, it’s so pretty. My only nitpick is the vocals randomly switching. I know it was intentional, but it bothers me lol.

Tritonal, HALIENE, Schala & Jorza - Long Way Home (Last Heroes Remix) [52:30]

Hey, it’s Last Heroes again (and HAILENE) with another stellar tune! Being that I listened to the original quite a bit, hearing a melodic dubstep tune was a bit odd at first, but it really works.

Culture Code Ft. Aloma Steele - Surrender [55:54]

Hey, it’s Culture Code again! Another beautiful classic melodic dubstep tune. This one is just super soothing and has the right chill vocals.

Yula - Lost [59:53]

This one is quite different but had a really cool story. Fairly relaxing yet adventurous. A cool combination, like going on a slow placed journey.

Seven Lions Ft. Tyler Graves - Senseless [01:04:08]

This one is quite different than what you normally hear from Seven Lions. It’s a different vibe and not something I would typically listen to. It may not be super melodic, but it’s got a good direction.

Sonic Journey x Fathy Hossny - Never Enough [01:06:56]

Sonic Journey is releasing some catchy melodic tunes. This one I couldn’t get out of my head when I first heard it. Trying to listen to another track just wasn’t (never?) enough to get it unstuck in my head.

CMA - You’re Not Alone Part II [01:10:39]

It’s really cool CMA made a part two of You’re Not Alone. I listened to the original quite a bit, especially when I went walking. Definitely my favorite from him.