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Melodies of April 2020

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MitiS x Crystal Skies Ft. Monika Santucci - Wait [00:00]

A beautiful collab between two (actually three since CS is two people) artists. It’s interesting to hear a little bit of harder breaks with the MitiS style since he normally doesn’t use them. But I think it’s a nice change up.

Closr - Weareclosr [04:36]

Closr finally reviles their extended debut track 3 years after posting the snippet. It’s pretty random, but the track is just so uplifting and happy. I really hope they keep up production <3

Slander & William Black - Back To U [06:49]

While I don’t follow Slander, William Black has been on my radar for a few years now. He’s been making a lot of great melodic tracks, and this one is no exception. I hear his style quite clearly in this one, not to say Slander didn’t do anything, but I don’t really know his style. Overall a nice melo dub tune.

World’s Last Garden - Breathing Tomorrow [10:12]

Quite the gem this one is. Beautiful tune and vocals, with a fairly unique style. I really love the mid part, how it’s so different from the drop.

Airuei - Aquamarine [13:14]

Another unique track that caught my ear. It combines quite a few different styles together. It’s kinda happy hardcore, but also drum & bass with some drumstep - all while keeping it melodic. Quite an adventure of a song.

K-forest - Red wings [16:57]

Keeping the rave going, this one really is packed with a lot of energy. It leads with a nice melodic happy hardcore following a little bit of hardstyle to spice it up. It makes for a fun track.

InfiNoise Ft. Dnakm - Bring Me Back to Life [20:36]

InfiNoise is back again with another lovely melodic dubstep tune. This is the type of track I’d listen to while going on a long walk and just enjoying different scenery.

Jason Ross Ft. Fiora - When the Night Falls (AWAKEND Remix) [24:01]

AWAKEND did a great job with this remix. It brings a slightly different vibe than the original, but it’s refreshing.

Jim Yosef & ROY KNOX - Sun Goes Down [27:11]

A cool collab, which fuses Jim’s melodic synths with Roy’s energetic dubstep. It’s a fun song no doubt. The ending goes a bit hard, but really it’s quite tame for dubstep.

FallenLights Ft. Violet - Echoes of You (For him Remix) [29:52]

Something a little different. I really like Finder’s For him project. It combines acoustic elements with strong synths with an unusual song format.

Trivecta - Wasteland [32:19]

While I’m not too fond of Trivecta’s folk bass, this track really grabbed my attention. It’s got great vocals and good energy. And the breakdown is always a plus.

Seven Lions Ft. Tyler Graves - Only Now (DVRKCLOUD Remix) [35:51]

There’s a lot of great remixes for Only Now, but I felt like DVRKCLOUD’s needed attention the most. It creates a special atmosphere which is perfect for the vocals. The switch up for the second drop keeps that atmosphere and progresses with it.

Alec Benjamin - Outrunning Karma (Bendel Remix) [39:54]

This remix is such a vibe. Bendel did such a great job giving the original some spice. And of course, the lyrics are unique and story-like. It’s not all that common, I guess partly since it’s not easy to hit just right.

Rival x Egzod Ft. Andreas Stone - Live a Lie [42:15]

Another track with some crazy good energy. The lead reminds me of Arkasia a little. It’s a great track for working out for sure.

Until Ruins - Last Words [45:45]

It’s sad to see Until Ruins quit producing, but his last track is quite the beauty. It’s kinda sad, but a “grow from this sadness” kind of vibe. Well done.

Slander x Said The Sky Ft. JT Roach - Potions (Blanke Remix) [49:25]

Out of all the remixes (and there were a number of good ones), this one blew me away. Blanke is one of those artists that produces melodic sometimes while often going with hard stuff. So hearing this overly melodic drop was quite surprising. I feel like it’s also the most underrated of the bunch.

Manse & Wildvibes Ft. Vories - Our Symphony [53:32]

Quite the collab from the two of the most melodic mainstream progressive house producers. They both did a great job with their styles. During a time that is hard to find good mainstream progressive, they did not disappoint.

Ehallz & Nelle Ft. Shmel - You & I (Jenceno Remix) [56:42]

Starting to slow things down a bit, this track does a great job combining the chill and energetic styles of progressive house together. Overall a lovely tune to start chilling out to.

Porter Robinson - Something Comforting (Caslow Ft. XELA Remix) [01:01:12]

Caslow was quick to get a remix done, and it’s quite impressive. This style reminds me of Inukshuk, with dreamy synths and a smooth mix. Now I don’t know who did the original vocals, but I kinda like XELA’s more.

Darby - Nightlife of the Glowing Forest [01:04:34]

An interesting track from Darby. If I had to describe it in one word, it’d be “comfy”. A nice relaxing tune to enjoy while taking a summer walk

Covex Ft. Lexi Shanley - I Won’t Run Away [01:07:33]

This track is quite catchy for how chill it is. On top of that, it’s got a great atmosphere with different sounds mixed in. Quite the unique track.

Anki - Waste Away [01:11:04]

Wow. While this was created for a project many artists are taking part of, Anki’s take on it is probably my favorite of the lot. This is one of those tracks you just listen to in awe of how beautiful it is.

Caslow Ft. Kaylie Foster - Waiting [1:14:12]

Ok this song is stupidly beautiful. Caslow is really on a roll lately. But this one is the most special yet. I love the combination of orchestral with electronic elements. There’s not too much of either or, but a perfect blend of the two.

Anki - Rafted [01:18:05]

Anki’s other track for the outlaw ocean project. The progression in this song is simply beautiful. The slight creaking of a boat adds to the atmosphere. It makes me feel like I’m on a boat listening to a relaxing guitar tune on calm waters. Just stunning.