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Melodies of May 2020

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Crystal Skies & Mazare Ft. Luma - Hear Me Now [00:00]

Drum & Bass doesn’t make it on my playlists often, but this is the type of dnb I just can’t get enough of. A lot of dnb focuses more on the drums and less so on the melody, but coming from two melodic producers, we get a nice melodic dnb tune. The breakdown is a nice touch in the second drop as well, thanks to crystal skies.

Afterlite x Eunoia Ft. Lotis - Walk Away [03:14]

Afterlite is back with a collab this time, keeping up with his lovely classic melodic dubstep. His production has really improved and it’s always cool hearing artists grow.

Midnight Kids Ft. Opposite the Other - Higher [07:00]

What a smooth tune. Midnight Kids style is simply beautiful, along with great vocals from opposite the other. Not much else to say other then it’s a lovely listen.

Last Heroes - No Sleep [11:03]

While this track is more pop influenced, it still has that top notch production that comes with a last heroes track. And of course, the great melodies as well.

Luke Anders & HGHLND Ft. Roxanne Emery - Darkness [13:55]

Ophelia’s Advent is a wonderful addition to the label, with great releases. The energy packed in this track is crazy. Infusing melodies with energy always leads to fun results. This tune is a prime example of that.

Stessie Ft. QORA - Take Flight [17:35]

More action packed melodic dubstep, Stessie brings a fairly unique take on melodic dubstep. The melody shift towards the end adds a nice dynamic.

Tokyo Nostalgia - With You [21:24]

While fairly short, it’s a very sweet song. It’s got that old school melodic dubstep sound, which I just love.

MayTrix - Life Goes On (DVRKCLOUD Remix) [24:07]

DVRKCLOUD has been releasing so many great tunes. Always nailing the instrumental to meld well with the vocals.

Gryffin & Seven Lions Ft. Noah Kahan - Need Your Love (Crystal Skies Remix) [27:24]

Something a little different by Crystal Skies. I’ve never heard progressive house from them before, but to no surprise they completely nailed it.

Danny Cullen & Kid Alien - I Surrender [30:09]

Switching over to some progressive trance, this track packs a lot of emotion and energy. It’s the type of track you just get lost in the atmosphere.

LTN - Green Zone [33:30]

The lead on this one is crazy powerful, but still remaining melodic. The vibe is beautiful and I love the high piano notes scattered in. Add on a juicy bassline and you’ve got a super solid track.

Farius - Steadfast [37:30]

Relaxing a bit, Farius brings a more fleshed out uplifting progressive trance tune. This is the type of track you just can’t go wrong with.

3LAU Ft. XIRA - Tokyo (Seven Lions Remix) [41:40]

While this track isn’t super melodic, it still features an interesting vibe. The lyrics are kinda random in my opinion, but Seven Lions always pulls through.

Illenium Ft. Anna Clendening - Broken Ones (Last Heroes Remix) [43:57]

Oh man I love the percussion in the beginning of the song (can we get a full length track like that?). Then the drop is just so beautiful.

Illenium Ft. Georgia Ku - Hold On (Midnight Kids Remix) [47:09]

This remix really slows down the track, but that’s a part of Midnight Kids style. At first it was a little weird, but it’s something you quickly get used to, especially when the drop hits. It gives the song a completely different vibe, but it works well. The middle part is so relaxing and acoustic, I love it.

Illenium Ft. Jon Bellion - Good Things Fall Apart (3LAU Remix) [50:37]

This remix was the most unexpected of them all. It’s quite unique, yet melodic dubstep, which isn’t a genre 3LAU does much. Those used to his usual style may not like this, but I think he did an amazing job.

Illenium - Take You Down (Steerner Remix) [54:03]

I was surprised to see Steerner on the remix album. Being a smaller melodic progressive house producer and all. While he didn’t go with his usual style, the switch up works well and I quite like it.

Sad Keyboard Guy - Image Within [56:57]

Something quite different, this tune is quite the adventure. Starts kinda chill, goes right in for the first part of the drop, and then a crazy melodic part for the second. The second drop changes things up and just wow. Both drops are great but the second drop really blew me away. And them piano riffs…

Jason Ross & Seven Lions Ft. Emilie Brandt - Known You Before (Trivecta Remix) [01:00:55]

Going right into another energy packed tune. I really like how Trivecta used the gritty intro/outro of the extended mix to create the second drop. It’s a rather simple edit, but super effective.

Slander & Jason Ross Ft. JT Roach - Better Than Heaven [01:04:00]

I feel as though Jason had a stronger influence of the direction of the song. Though no complaints here, I really love his style. Overall a great tune.

Amidy - Fix You [01:06:57]

Another stellar track from Ophelia’s Advent. Such a cool vibe, with lovely vocals. Somewhat chill and dreamy.

Au5 Ft. Nohc - Goodbye [01:10:58]

What a feelsy track. I love the use of percussion drums during the non-drop parts. As for the drop parts, they’re somewhat tame for Au5’s style, but I really love his melodic style. The vocals re-enforcing the drops really helps complete the drops.

Inukshuk & Miles Away - The Pages (Amadeux Remix) [01:14:57]

What a beautiful track. Amadeux did a great job complementing the emotions of the vocals. A super solid track from an artist I’ve never heard of prior. Always love finding new talented artists.

Dugong - Lost At Sea [01:17:59]

A fairly unique tune, it kinda reminds me of Maplestory (probably similar synths used in the game’s soundtracks). It’s packed with energy and nostalgia.

Faux Tales - Soar [01:22:19]

Faux is finally back with another orchestral epic chill tune. I really love how his style focuses so much on acoustic sounds. Combine that with a cinematic structure and you’ve got an epic vibe.

Verest - Change [01:25:24]

Verest is back with another peaceful progressive house track. Being among the few that produce this type of progressive house, I’m always super excited for their new tracks.

Kosakii Ft. Pooki - Just Breathe Ahead [01:29:39]

Lately I’ve been finding more and more melodic focused lofi. At first I wasn’t really interested in lofi, but make anything melodic and you’ve got my attention. Kosakii did a great job with the overall vibe and focused more on the melody than the beat.

Majent - False Spring [01:33:10]

Another track that reminds me of Maplestory lol. It reminds me of the place Sleepywood specifically (mainly the intro). Anyway, a pretty cool track with a nice verity of sounds. It creates a really cool atmosphere. The break in the middle is super peaceful.

Felimos - These Nights I Spend Alone [01:36:16]

I’ll state the obvious. The intro really sounds like a minecraft soundtrack. That’s not a bad thing as I’ve always enjoyed minecraft’s soundtracks. But enough of that, the direction the song takes after the intro really hits hard. Sad, but hopeful. The ambient ending is a beautiful touch.