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Melodies of June 2020

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ARMNHMR Ft. Nevve - Here With Me (Culture Code Remix) [00:00]

When I first heard this set during ARMNHMR’s insomniac stream, I was instantly hooked. I’ve been following Culture code for a long time and it’s great they still stick with their style after all of this time. The switch up towards the end is the icing on the cake.

ARMNHMR - Bulletproof (Caslow Remix) [03:34]

Caslow is back again with another beautiful melodic tune. While I really like the original, Caslow did a great job with a different vibe.

ARMNHMR Ft. Saint Slumber - Infinite (Adam Pearce Remix) [06:41]

An interesting remix off the remix album. The lead synth is so smooth, with a powerful melody. Though I feel the synth could have been a little more prominent. Nevertheless, still a great remix. I really love the piano notes sprinkled throughout the song.

HGHLND & Luke Anders - Rescue [09:16]

Luke is back with a collab, which of course features a powerful melodic drop. Great energy and lovely vocals. The percussion drums are always a plus in my book.

MayTrix & DVRKCLOUD - Lost [12:03]

Two talented melodic dubstep artists in for a collab. Being someone who’s listened to a lot of their tracks, I can really hear both styles combined. The second drop beings some versatility and it flows well.

Synthion - Aurora [15:43]

While I have to admit, the vocals get a little annoying, the instrumental to this is powerful and uplifting. I also like how Synthion varies up the song with different drum patterns than your typical kick-snare-kick-snare you normally hear in happy hardcore. And then ending is so nice.

Sonic Journey - All Alone [18:57]

A lovely melodic dubstep track. I can definitely hear some Jason Ross influence in the drop. The vocals sound familiar, but I don’t quite remember where from.

Man Cub Ft. JEN - Better Now [22:16]

My favorite off of Man Cub’s new EP. It’s got amazing energy and has such an uplifting vibe. The build ups are so flawless and transition so well. I really hope Man Cub does more melodic dubstep.

Nytrix - Light Inside of Me (Dvrkcloud x David Scorz Remix) [25:15]

I really like both remixes so I ended up mashing them together. Both do an amazing job of fusing the emotion of the vocals into the drops.

Paper Skies, Aaron Shirk, Ehallz Ft. Brooklyn Barry - Please Say Goodbye [29:31]

Paper Skies is the only name I know here, but nonetheless this is a lovely track that’s quite versatile.

Trivecta - Wasteland (Wooli Remix) [32:16]

I’m quite enjoying the melodic Wooli. While I did edit out the hard drops out of a couple of his collabs, it seems like the melodic sides of the song really rubbed off on him. Which is great, I’m hoping to see more melodic stuff from him!

Ben Walter - The Force [35:37]

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Ben. Now he’s back with a track done for the Outlaw Ocean. Quite the epic track too. It kinda has that Hans Zimmerman feeling to it.

HGHLND & Lucid Blue - Go My Way [38:43]

What a beautiful intro. I was actually expecting melodic dubstep for this one, but it turned out to be progressive trance. Overall a really nice tune.

Omnia - NVRLND [42:10]

Not too sure what this trend of putting abbreviations in caps for words are lately, but this tune is smooth and catchy.

Demiror - I (Don’t) Wanna Stop [44:09]

Demiror is another one of the few who produces progressive house with such a peaceful vibe. I guess that’s not surprising since Demiror is a third of Verest. But still, it’s always nice to hear.

Kilo Ft. Adam Pastel - Worthwhile [47:16]

Here’s a track I randomly stumbled upon that stuck too well; it’s just so simplistically catchy.

Inukshuk - Broken Constellations [50:08]

This is probably my favorite off of Inukshuk’s new EP. It’s relaxing, yet adventurous. A relaxing journey is the best kind of journey after all. Plus the progression in the second part really adds on to the experience.

Bendel & FallenLights - Meraki (Bendel VIP) [53:27]

Wow. What a beautiful track. I love the acoustic elements, ending with an explosion of emotion and melancholy.