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Melodies of July 2020

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Seven Lions Ft. Tyler Graves - Only Now (MitiS x Mazare Remix) [00:00]

There’s been so many great remixes of this track, but of course MitiS takes the cake for me. Mazare also did a great job which I had to include, but didn’t want two of the same remixes in full, so I mashed them together.

Seven Lions Ft. Tyler Graves - Senseless (Nurko Remix) [03:27]

One of my favorites from Nurko. He did a great job matching the instrumental to the vocals. On top of that, he varied up the second drop as well.

Seven Lions Ft. April Bender - Another Way (Awakend Remix) [07:56]

Another great remix off of the remix EP. It’s the same genre, yet it’s quite a different vibe from the original. But it keeps the uplifting vibe from the vocals.

Seven Lions Ft. HALIENE - What’s Done Is Done (Delta Heavy Remix) [11:09]

This is the unexpected remix from the EP. I wasn’t expecting something so melodic and uplifting from Delta Heavy, so this was a nice surprise.

Cyber - Unknown Edge [14:58]

It’s quite rare to include hardstyle in these mixes, but this one really hits deep. I’m also not a huge fan of talking (versus lyrics) in tracks, but this one is just too good. Cyber did a great job with this beautiful tune. He keeps true to his original style, instead of following the isolated trends in the hardstyle world. And wow, the piano in the second drop <3

GhostDragon & Exede - Never Giving Up [17:46]

Another uplifting beautiful track with a good message. There’s too many “love” songs written, so it’s nice to get something inspirational and uplifting.

Lockbox Ft. Dani King - Disarm You [20:34]

This is my first time hearing from Lockbox, and am thoroughly impressed. Sure it’s not perfectly mastered, but the development of the melody and song structure is there.

Loreno Mayer & Kanallia - Starry Night [23:09]

Kanallia has been making a lot of great progressive trance tunes packed with energy. This one of course, is another one.

Kepik Ft. David Shane - Take Me There [26:04]

Another great mainstream progressive house tune. I’m sure you know by now how I’m a sucker for these. The breakdown before the second drop was a nice little mix up.

acloudyskye - Empty Space (Aether Tides Remix) [29:58]

Something quite different. I really like the progressive house transitioning into a rockstep like drop. Overall it’s a fun unique journey of a song.

Puppet - Living in It [34:43]

Puppet finally returns with an electronic rock tune featuring EDEN. While I feel like he went a little too ham on the effects, it still makes for a great action packed song.

Jason Ross Ft. Heather Sommer - Open Water [39:02]

Jason Ross is back with melodic bass. As always his stuff is quite different but still packs the right energy.

Jason Ross Ft. Heather Sommer - One Look [42:21]

Another melodic track with Heather. This one has a little different style to it. But it’s nice keeping things fresh and different.

Trivecta - Wasteland (Au5 & Chime Remix) [45:45]

An interesting collab for a remix. Both artists normally produce dubstep, so hearing melodic from the two combined is really cool. Quite a bit of variation in the track too.

Trivecta Ft. Fagin - Leave It All Behind (Nurko Remix) [49:41]

Another great Nurko remix! Once again he manages to match the vibe of the vocals and merge it with his own style.

Wildvibes, Wildhearts, WINARTA Ft. Arild Aas - Happy with You [53:34]

A tune with the three W’s does not disappoint. The melody is on point with great progression, the two most important things for a progressive house tune.

BTS - Your Eyes Tell (Adventure Club x Soar Remix) [57:29]

It’s crazy to see Soar collabing with a well known artist. I’ve been following Soar for awhile and it’s really nice seeing him progress. While I’m not a fan of kpop, both artists did a great job on the remix. Hearing Soar’s lead synth refined is so fulfilling.

Inukshuk Ft. Meggie York - Alive [01:00:42]

One of my recent favorites from Inukshuk. The energy is strong and has a lovely vibe. Though I have to say it was really difficult trying to mix this song in where I wanted it.

Fatum Ft. Dylan Matthew - Train To Nowhere [01:03:41]

An interesting track from Fatum. The lead synth somehow sounds familiar, but I’m not quite sure where from. Perhaps a Madeon influence? Nevertheless, a lovely progressive house to melodic dubstep tune. Though another tough one to mix lol.

Madnap Ft. Late Night Alumni - Love Is Awake [01:06:08]

Is this what they call daycore? Just kidding. This is a nice relaxing tune though. I feel like it’d be a great track to listen to while driving at night.

EMBRZ - Echoes [01:08:48]

I really love this simplistic melodic progressive house style. It’s blissful and uplifting. It really helps me relax and find peace.

Kori - Halfway Home [01:13:07]

I also really love these peaceful chillout tunes for similar reasons. They really help me relax, which is not easy to do in this day and age. Props to the artists like Kori who makes these.