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Melodies of August 2020

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Last Heroes Ft. Runn - Love Like Us [00:00]

Woah. The drops in this song is so heavenly. It kinda reminds me of Vanic’s old style. But damn, Last Heroes has been releasing so many great tunes. They’re surely making their way up the rank of favorite artists <3

Trevor Daniel & Selena Gomez - Past Life (DVRKCLOUD Remix) [03:47]

Yet another great tune from DVRKCLOUD. I’m not crazy about the original, but I really like DVRKCLOUD’s instrumental. Always so melodic and smooth.

Trivecta & Nurko Ft. Monika Santucci - You Can Be My Light [06:46]

A rather unexpected collab. It bursts with energy and has a super strong lead. I do like how I can really hear both styles combined.

Gryffin Ft. ZOHARA - Out of My Mind (Last Heroes Remix) [10:51]

More Last Heroes. I don’t know how they constantly keep them coming. Every track is always so solid and of course melodic.

Blanke - Alchemy [13:30]

I was surprised to find Blanke releasing a melodic drum & bass tune. And wow it’s catchy. I hope he focuses more on melodic stuff since he is talented.

Nurko Ft. RØRY - Better Off Lonely [17:33]

Nurko has been releasing quite a few tunes lately as well. All packed with melodic energy. Though this one is a bit more tame, and a little more sad. But still a great tune.

Fells & Kimmie Devereux - Tell Me It’s Okay [21:39]

This one is quite special. It’s actually quite relatable. Feeling lost in life is super common and this track helps to remedy the lack of direction in life.

Beatcore & Ashley Apollodor - Beside You [25:04]

It’s been quite a while since their last release and it’s quite refreshing. Though this tune is a little more tame, it’s still great nonetheless.

David Bulla & Kanallia - The Adventures [28:30]

A little different progressive house track. But I really like the energy and the different style.

Jason Ross - The Accord [31:04]

Another lovely progressive trance tune from Jason Ross. Always with the great melodies and unique vibes, this man never disappoints.

Arty & Audien Ft. Ellee Duke - Craving [34:03]

Was not expecting a collab from the two big A’s in progressive house. The melody does not disappoint.

Tristan Barraclough - Chasing Stars (Jenh & MKC Remix) [37:23]

One thing that really stood out to me when first listening is how solid and strong the bassline is. It’s chill but powerful, which isn’t very common in the future bass world.

Illenium - Nightlight [41:19]

I was surprised to hear Illenium revisiting his old style. The overly melodic and semi-distorted leads is what drew me to his stuff.

Endless Leopard - Crater Lake Drive [44:58]

Electronic chillout mixed with cinematic elements has always fascinated me. Such a beautiful combination. The ‘drop’ of this track is so awe inspiring. I feel like it’d be perfect while see aurora in real life.

Narrow Skies - The Night [49:36]

This track mixed super well with the previous, and it’s a little more relaxed. A perfect note to end on. The vocals were unexpected and a nice treat.