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Melodies of September 2020

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MitiS Ft. Drowsy - Only One [00:00]

I’m so excited MitiS is back with a couple new tunes. I really love the progression in this one. I goes from chill, to a powerful melodic drop, then transitions into an energetic progressive house ending. I’m proud to say I was there for the production stream for the first part of this song :D

MitiS Ft. Elle Vee - Gold In The Valley [04:35]

Ugh this is too beautiful. The lyrics are impactful and well thought out, and the chill drop hits perfectly. MitiS never disappoints.

Crystal Skies Ft. Gallie Fisher - This Moment [09:28]

My favorite from Crystal Skies new EP. You might be thinking, “this sounds different?”. So they did a live stream and played an older version as a preview, and it has these amazing percussion drums. Then when I listened to the official release, I was like where’d they go? Like seriously, these drums sound so damn good. So I took the audio from the stream and kinda merged it in. Shh, don’t tell Britt.

Crystal Skies Ft. She Is Jules - Human [12:40]

Another great tune off the new EP. It’s got great energy and a somewhat carefree vibe.

Crystal Skies - Collide [15:24]

Another lovely melodic dubstep tune. It’s got that classic crystal skies dreamy lead, with nice guitar breaks.

Last Heroes Ft. Trove - Passing Through [19:50]

Often times when I hear artists doing something different, I hardly like it. But this is a great example of when I do like it. Such a chill and uplifting tune. The main verse kinda reminds me of Testio - Red Lights.

VARGENTA & ZENTA Ft. Max Landry - Hello [23:17]

A blissful progressive house tune. The buildups are filled with good energy, and the drop comes in for a rather chill experience. I’ll admit with the energy in the drop and the drop not pulling through with that energy was a bit of a let down, but I think it works well in its own way.

Kanallia & Malrang - Miss U [26:28]

While I typically know Kanallia for progressive trance, this future bassy tune packs the melodies and energy.

Nurko Ft. Dia Frampton - Faith (DVRKCLOUD & Lite Remix) [30:03]

Definitely the best melodic dubstep remix of this track. It’s so sincere and flows well. The switch up in between the drops adds a nice dynamic to the song.

Au5 & Jeto Ft. Cristina Soto - Melt [43:47]

Massive collab right here. Jeto’s classy style mixed with Au5’s well thought out sound design makes an beautiful combination.

Yitaku Ft. Delaney Kai - Petal Blizzard [37:41]

This tune is packed with crazy energy. I really like the switch ups in pacing, it gives off a unique vibe.

Soar & Nytrix - Illuminate [40:10]

Another great collab. Nytrix’s vocals, as usual, work so well with melodic dubstep. Soar revisited his higher pitched lead, fueled by a smooth arp.

Abandoned, InfiNoise, Mendum - See You at the End [44:35]

Yet another crazy collab. Both Mendum and Abandoned haven’t had many recent releases, and it’s always nice hearing from InfiNoise. Their styles combine well to make quite the dreamy lead synth. The seven lions influence is quite prevalent.

Over Easy & Mindtrix Ft. Ashley Mehta - Rosé (Lost Atlas Remix) [48:24]

This one was a pleasant discovery. A fairly unique style, while keeping it melodic dubstep driven. I will certainly keeping an eye on Lost Atlas.

DaWave & Alltair - The Ride (Melodic Edit) [52:32]

A jammed pack tune this one. The layering really works well. The melodic edit is simply cutting out the hard drop since it doesn’t fit well in this mix.

Bendel, N33t, Pooki - Without You Here [55:58]

When it comes to Bendel, you know you’re gonna get something amazing. So beautiful, and the guitar in the drop is just so wow. And of course, the synths are perfect for melodic dubstep.

Outwild Ft. The Ready Set - The Way You Are (AWAKEND Remix) [59:27]

It was difficult picking my favorite out of all the remixes. All of them were great, but I feel like Awakend did a great job interpreting the vocals and keeping the vibe to match them.

Bring Me The Horizon - Throne (DVRKCLOUD Remix) [01:03:26]

BMTH and melodic dubstep go so well together. I really like how DVRKCLOUD kept the first two drops more acoustic driven and the last one more synth driven.

N3WPORT Ft. Leila Pari - Castle [01:06:30]

This vocal driven melodic tune is packed with energy and emotion. I’m quite impressed at how far N3WPORT has come.

Excision & Wooli Ft. HALIENE - Erase You [01:09:35]

While this song sounds like a combination of Oxygen and First Time, I think it’s still a great track. Of course HALIENE’s vocals always make melodic tunes just that much more magical.

Gryffin Ft. John Martin - Cry (Trivecta Remix) [01:13:00]

Trivecta is back with a energetic melodic tune. I feel like this remix works better with the vocals than the original does. Not to say the original is bad.

Xeuphoria - Shy [01:16:48]

What a beauty this one is. So peaceful and dreamy. A sublime example of lofi. Just lovely.

EMBRZ Ft. wilo wilde - Safe [01:19:47]

EMBRZ is back with yet another relaxing progressive house tune. The orchestral sounds are a nice touch.

009 Sound System - Dreamscape (Lizdek Remix) [01:23:22]

An unexpected remix that works oddly well. Very chill yet it gives off a perplex vibe.

4th Front - Feeling Alive [01:24:57]

Another chilly beat that provides a peaceful experience. It’s a perfect track to listen to while taking a midnight stroll.