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Melodies of October 2020

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Last Heroes - Daybreak [00:00]

I typically like to start off with my favorite song of the mix, however this month Last Heroes released a beautiful opener I just had to use. The orchestral plus electronic elements combined work so well, and it transitions into the next song so perfectly.

Last Heroes Ft. Clay Finnesand - Better For It [01:24]

Another prime melodic dubstep tune from Last Heroes. I really like how they’re expanding out with different sounds, primarily orchestral elements, along with acoustic.

Last Heroes - Atlas [04:19]

I was a little hesitant to include the hard drop in this one, but it’s so short and isn’t all that bad. Typically when it comes to hard drops I don’t like them, but this one flows well and doesn’t last long. As for the rest of the song, well there’s not much else to say than it’s another phenomenal release.

Last Heroes Ft. Woodlock - In My Head [08:33]

Something a little different, but nevertheless good. Last Heroes’ chill side is just as beautiful as their more energetic melodic side.

Last Heroes Ft. Isaac Warburton - Forevermore [11:57]

It’s a tough choice to determine my favorite from this EP. Both this track and Love Like Us are both amazing tunes. I really love the positive vibes in this one, along with the combination of progressive house and melodic dubstep.

Steve Brian Ft. Michael Jo - Hold You Down [15:46]

It’s been awhile since I’ve heard a progress house tune from Steve. This one brings back the vibes of this particular style of progressive house which I don’t see much of. It’s honestly more of progressive trance and house fused together, which works so well. I hope to see more of these in the future.

Wildvibes & Patrick Key Ft. Lasso The Sun - Meant For You [19:27]

Wildvibes is back with yet another great mainstream melodic progressive house tune. The good vibes are as persistent as ever, which I can never get enough of.

Mameyudoufu - Melody Driven [23:22]

It’s nice to hear another melodic electro house/complextro tune. It’s a fading genre, but it’s one I’ll always keep an ear out for. The title of this track describes this mix very well :)

Farius Ft. London Thor - Stars (Kanallia Remix) [26:43]

This is probably one of Kanallia’s best tracks. The gritty intro to the explosive melodies and energy in the drop is just wow. Phenomenal remix.

Farius Ft. London Thor - Stars (HGHLND & Luke Anders Remix) [30:12]

So there’s two great remixes of the same song. I had to include them both, which I’ll admit isn’t a perfect transition but it works. Anyway, I really like the drums in this one. It takes a more percussive take instead of electronic. Like Kanallia’s remix, it’s packed with great energy.

Abandoned & InfiNoise Ft. Miyoki - Do It All Again [32:10]

It’s cool hearing from abandoned again, and of course along with InfiNoise. The lead synth in this track is super powerful with a huge wow factor. Combine that with a great flow, and progression of the melody in the second drop makes a lovely melodic dubstep tune.

Virtual Riot - We’re Not Alone (Beatcore Remix) [36:25]

While I don’t think any remix can surpass the original (especially the VIP version), Beatcore still came in with an amazing remix that combines the perfect amount of the original and his own style.

Fairlane & Micah Martin - Full of Life [39:39]

This one was rather unexpected, and there’s so many things I like about this one. The use of acoustic elements (like the high hats), Micah’s vocals and the overall vibe of the song. Such a beautiful combination.

ARMNHMR Ft. Linney - Coming Home [43:56]

ARMNHMR is back with their unique style. I really like the energy they bring with all of their tracks.

Far Out Ft. Heather Sommer - Focus [45:48]

A lovely and quite chill track. You can never go wrong with the stuff release on Ophelia Records.

Man Cub & APEK & HALIENE - Breathe In The Moment (Au5 Remix) [50:19]

The intro to this track is just stupidly beautiful. I dunno how Au5 does it, but damn he knows how to make things sound fantastic.

Man Cub & APEK & HALIENE - Breathe In The Moment (Awakend Remix) [52:30]

With two great remixes, I had to once again combine themm, and these two work better together. Though with Awakend’s being slower, it’s a more of a journey. Both remixes have their strengths for sure.

Illenium - Nightlight (Soar & DVRKCLOUD Remix) [54:11]

Another remix from two melodic dubstep producers, and it’s as good as I was expecting. The switch up of the melody in the second part adds nice progression.

Illenium, Tom DeLonge, Angels and Airwaves - Paper Thin [58:51]

An oddly good transition between these two, the new Illenium track provides a lot of his old raw melodic style which I really like. I’m not huge on the vocals, but it works quite well. The last part of the drop just sounds soo good.

William Black Ft. Amidy - Closer Than You [01:01:59]

William is back with his pop influenced melodic dubstep infused with future bass. While yeah I’d prefer a more pure melodic dubstep style, this is still really nice.

Caslow & Exede - Can We Go Back [01:05:11]

Caslow is back with their beautiful melodic songs. The progressive house to melodic dubstep transition always gets me.

Impulse Ft. Joshua Paul - Old Heart [01:08:41]

Another fun, energetic melodic summer time progressive house tune. The vocals are so powerful, along with the strong lead.

Seven Lions, Jason Ross, Crystal Skies Ft. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Foolish Of Me [01:11:41]

An unexpected collab with an unexpected genre of melodic glitch hop. While it’s not a genre I care much for, these guys made it sound really good to no surprise.

Dasu & L.Kaison - Eternity [01:14:40]

Ok the arps in this one are so crazily good. The mix of melodic drumstep and punk vocals work quite so well.

Beauz Ft. Dallas - Outerspace [01:18:30]

So this isn’t the type of music I would typically listen to, but something about it just really gets me. The combination of good production, unique melodic sound and on point vocals make such a unique experience.

Juuku x Bafu - Endless [01:21:17]

Another one I decided to include for use of unique sounds which works to be quite melodic, more so than what I expect of this genre.

Rickie Nolls Ft. GLNNA - Beauty in the Breakdown [01:24:29]

I’ve never heard from Rickie before, and it’s exciting hearing another producer nailing melodic dubstep. I’ll definitely be keeping out for his future tracks.

リンクス - Love Letters [01:28:07]

I really like the adventuristic style of this one. It’s so chill yet makes me want to go out and explore something new.

Last Heroes - A Better Day [01:32:56]

One more from Last Heroes’ EP. This one is such a beautiful chill experience. Lots of orchestral elements mixed with electronic, which is done so well.

Majent - Autumn Naps [01:34:43]

How I love these comfy beats. So chill, not a care in the world. Just relax and enjoy the moment.