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Melodies of November 2020

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Trivecta & Last Heroes Ft. Runn - Waiting For You [00:00]

What a beautiful collab. Last Heroes dreamy synths + Trivecta’s energy makes a great combo. The second drop’s arp really works to progress the song.

Aaron Shirk Ft. Brooklyn Barry - Falling [03:53]

I really love a classic styled melodic dubstep track. This one does it quite well, along with mixing acoustic elements in.

Heimanu - Atrea [07:19]

A little bit of a darker style than I would normally include, but the song is well done and has a good melodic lead. Sometimes it’s nice to break away from the normal, and it’s not like it doesn’t meet the melodic criteria :)

Tritonal, Dylan Matthew, Au5 - Happy Where We Are [10:50]

A rather unexpected collab, and man is it catchy. And of course, anything with Au5 in it, you know you’re going to get a unique, solid experience.

Krus3 & Xyan Ft. Luke Coulson - Destiny [15:46]

Vocal melodic dubstep is something I’ve taken quite the liking to. It’s almost like a rock song, but with melodic electronic instrumental.

ARMNHMR Ft. Melanie Fontana - Fragile [19:00]

ARMNHMR is back yet again with another beautiful yet unique song. I really like this one, probably because it’s more melodic dubstep focused with a progressive house segment in the second drop. And of course, it’s uplifting.

Anubis - Back To Me [22:53]

Another great melodic dubstep tune. The guitar really leaves a beautiful touch.

Blanke Ft. Calivania - Flatline (Reprise) [26:16]

Here I wasn’t expecting something like this. The original was already fairly melodic, and then Blanke goes and releases an even more melodic version.

GhostDragon & Exede - Another Night [29:59]

It’s really cool seeing GhostDragon, who I’ve included in a number of previous mixes, has got this released on Ophelia. Such a great uplifting melodic tune.

Far Out Ft. RØRY - Alchemy [32:49]

Far Out Ft. Monika Santucci - Wherever We Are [36:54]

Far Out Ft. Ally Thorn - Adventure [40:09]

Far Out’s new EP further develops his sound. While I don’t have much to say on each individual track, all three are an interesting adventure that provides different emotions not really discovered in other songs.

Luke Anders & Fahjah Ft. Linney - Air [44:44]

My favorite off of Advent Vol.2, this collab uses elements from both regular trance and progressive trance. I really like the percussion drums in the buildup.

Sabai - Memories (Ji-Hyeon Remix) [48:00]

Ji-Hyeon, previously Dumu, somehow manages to take the ~2015 progressive house style and make it still sound fresh.

Mazare Ft. Monika Santucci - That’s On You [51:00]

Mazare is back with another wonderful melodic drum & bass. There’s not many melodic drum & bass producers out there, which is why Mazare always pops up in these mixes <3

Kepik & Nick Ledesma Ft. Luma - New Horizon [54:13]

A great song with a great message. The melody and direction really helps make this tune memorable.

Crystal Skies Ft. PRXZM - Moment With You [57:30]

It’s always fun including Crystal Skies. I’m probably a broken record at this point, but as usual their tunes are filled with energy and emotion.

Paper Skies, Alltair, Wiguez Ft. Mary Sweet - Edges [01:01:03]

While I’ve only been following Paper Skies up until now, this collab is quite the fun adventure.

Tofû Ft. Faithroze - Run [01:04:11]

A seemingly continuation of The End, I was taken by surprise to hear a half hardstyle and half melodic dubstep combination. And yet again, I’m blown away by the melodic drop.

Amidy & HALIENE - Already Home [01:07:23]

I can never get enough of HALIENE’s voice, especially over melodic tracks.

Køld & LØST PHO3NIX - Solace [01:11:08]

The two strikeø’s combine to make a chill yet powerful melodic dubstep tune. While it may not be super complex, it’s still a fun song and worth a listen.

Gareth Emery - End Of Days (WildVibes & Martin Miller Remix) [01:14:02]

A somewhat expected collab remix, but I quite enjoy it, despite changing the overall vibe of the song. But it still works really well.

N33T Ft. Mizu - Another Way [01:16:35]

This kind of chillout is just so beautiful and perfect. It balances the peaceful atmosphere without compromising too much of the melodic aspect.

Shockline x Haley Maze - Strangers [01:20:24]

Shockline is back with another wonderful melodic chillstep tune. This kind of chillstep is so captivating because like the last track, it finds that sweet spot between melodic and chill.

Thomas James White - Without a Word [01:23:23]

Ambient tracks like this are just so astounding. They are peaceful and allow you to just drift in the moment without any worry. Just pure bliss.