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Melodies of December 2020

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Enesai & Ezshi - A song for incurable stagnation [00:00]

While I normally leave the chill stuff for the end, I though this one was a great opener. Plus the next song matches so well with the vibe I just couldn’t resist.

BrillLion, Jade Key, Varsha Vinn - 7 Seas [02:06]

A beautiful and uplifting melodic dubstep tune to kickstart the mix. Full of emotion and enegery, quite sublime.

Derpcat - Destiny [06:05]

Derp is back with a fairly unique tune. It keeps the beautiful, uplifting vibe going quite effortlessly. What I like most is it’s piano driven. Such a fun adventure.

Jonas Flores & Philip Matta - Seen You In Heaven [10:42]

CHRSTN, Courts Ft. Akacia - Chasing After [14:07]

SweetState Ft. Anthony Meyer - Rest Of Our Lives [17:54]

It seems like progressive house is making a come back. Which is exciting, because it’s one of my favorite genres. The positive vibes and good melodies make such a great combo. These few songs do it just right.

Tritonal & Man Cub - Worth It All (Lite & DVRKCLOUD Remix) [21:39]

A lovely melodic dubstep tune from two power houses in this small scene. I really like how they infused the original into their own style. There’s certainly some crystal skies influence here.

Jason Ross Ft. Runn - Intertwined [25:29]

Jason is back with an action packed tune. There’s so much energy and emotion, with great production. Always top notch when JR releases.

Lodis Ft. Josh Rubin - Broken [28:40]

Lodis just kinda came out of nowhere with such a strong and powerful sound. If someone told me crystal skies made this track, I wouldn’t think twice and believe it.

Miles Away Ft. Claire Ridgely - Bring Me Back [32:18]

Quite the nostalgic tune, this one. I really like the use of guitars in a synthy way. It’s not something commonly done, giving it a unique vibe.

Illenium & Dabin Ft. LIGHTS - Hearts on Fire [35:31]

Illenium has been releasing some great tunes lately. I’m really enjoying the rock influence; it has a perfect balance of electronic elements and rock elements.

N33T - Home Again [39:24]

Such a beautiful progressive tune. Tracks like this are so simple, yet innocently effective.

EMBRZ - If You Can’t Sleep [41:56]

EMBRZ is back with a peacefully chill progressive tune. It’s something you can just relax and forget about everything for a few minutes while you get lost in the vibe.

She Was Silver Ft. Idun Nicoline - Chicago [45:08]

I really like the overall vibe of this one. It’s kinda sad, but it’s also hopeful and it has a “looking forward” kinda feeling. The climax of the song reminds me a lot of MitiS which is something I’ll always be fond of.