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It's Finally Here

Saturday, May 02, 2020

This project I’ve been working on over the past month or so is finally here. Though it’s not necessarily complete, since it’s an ongoing thing.

Anyway, you will now be able to see the Mixes button in the site navigation. There you’ll find all of the mixes I’ve made so far. Of course, you’ll only see the first one since that’s all I have done right now.

The jist of it is, back in february 2019 I had the idea to start collecting melodic music in a playlist for that specific month. Now with the extra free time I have, I decided to put these multi-genre songs together in a mix. It’s quite fun, and I plan to keep this up for as long as possible. Yeah, my mixing skills aren’t the best since I haven’t been doing it for too long, but it should be bearable. I hope it’s able to help you discover some new tunes as I try to keep a good number of them from artists with no to little recognition.

And yes, all the tracks will be some type of EDM. I’ll throw in a little bit of chillout/ambient, mainly towards the end to wind down and relax. Just because it’s EDM doesn’t mean it has to be crazy and energetic. Yeah I’d probably make a bad DJ, but the point of these mixes aren’t for a crowd. It’s for an individual looking for something more in music.